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Sixth Form curriculum

Academic life in Sixth Form is about individual choice and learning beyond the ordinary business of a curriculum. Every student creates a programme of four individual elements of study. They choose three or four A-levels as the core of their academic work, some taught jointly with Abingdon School. Students can then add a St Katharine’s Study option to suit their own academic interests.


Three or four A-levels 20+ subjects examined at the end of a two-year course. A-level subjects offered:

Art and Design




Geography Philosophy


German Physical Education

Computer Science

Greek Physics

Drama and Theatre

History Politics


Latin Psychology

English Literature

Mathematics and
Further Mathematics

St Katharine’s Study

Students who complete an element of study beyond three A-levels are awarded the St Katharine’s Study (SKS) Certificate. Rooted in a spirit of curiosity and enquiry, SKS enables students to extend their knowledge beyond the A-level curriculum.

The following elements of study qualify for the SKS:


Ethics for Scientists
AS-level Classical Civilisation               
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
AS-level Mathematics
Global Perspectives
Craft it  


All subject information is collated in the A-level and St Katharine's Study options booklet.

Academic enrichment

Subject societies and lectures from eminent speakers; field trips; theatre visits; business and work experience; visits to art and design collections; language courses and cultural visits; international residential trips and much more.

Skills building

Underpinning the academic programme is a focus upon the development of broader critical thinking and study skills, the provision of invigorating university preparation classes and the delivery of specialist higher education and careers advice, drawing on the wide-ranging expertise of staff, alumnae and eminent speakers.

  • Critical thinking
  • Life skills and well-being
  • Skills for university
  • Higher education advice and preparation classes for TSA, BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT and other university specific admissions tests
  • Networking
  • Career planning

Best of both worlds

Some subjects are taught jointly with students from Abingdon School and this cooperation between the schools allows a flexibility of choice and A-level combinations for both our students and the students from Abingdon. Areas for further collaboration include drama, debating, orchestra, careers conventions, joint choral society, joint general studies lectures, MFL exchanges and, of course, a wide range of social activities.