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School Uniform

Uniform can be obtained online from our suppliers, School Colours Direct.  All garments are available for sizing at the school uniform try on facility in the YPH foyer. 

Tel: 0113 323 6019


Please quote name of school, surname of who placed the order and order number when contacting.

It should be noted that the Headmistress has the final say in all matters related to uniform, dress and appearance.

Uniform Information

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Second Hand Uniform

The Second-hand Uniform Shop (SHUS) provides a means for parents to buy good quality, second-hand uniform which has either been outgrown or is unclaimed from lost property. We are open each Monday during term time from 8.00-9.00am and on at least one Wednesday lunchtime each half term from 12.15-1.15pm. SHUS is located in the YPH foyer in the main school building.


How Second Hand Uniform is Sold

We take in outgrown good quality uniform that is laundered/dry cleaned and labelled with name, address etc. Labels are available from Reception.

We have a pricing schedule and after sale, pass on 75% of proceeds to the parents, 25% goes to the school.

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