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2021 James Shone talk in Personal Development

October 2021

On Monday 4 October, Mr Shone, from the charity 'I Can and I Am' spoke to Year 7 as part of their personal development programme. James shared his inspiring story about overcoming a serious illness and the many challenges that he has faced along the way. His message to students was that we should all focus on what we are able to do, rather than on what we can’t do. He demonstrated how we can strengthen our self-belief, which will make the inevitable knocks along the way easier to deal with. His talk gave students much to think about and they reflected on his talk in their form groups the following day.  

"On Monday 4 October Mr Shone came to SHSK and gave a talk to Year 7. At first I thought it was just going to be a talk about resilience. However, it really was much more than that. James's talk changed the way I look at life and really touched my heart, I even shed a few tears. His story was both incredible and inspirational. He really made me think about what is important in life and made me question my passions, hopes and dreams. If I am ever feeling down I will always think about his inflating balloon of self-belief. I know that only I have control of my balloon and I am the person who can change the way that I look at each situation in my life. I can choose to be positive and challenge myself to look at things from a different point of view. Everyone has their own skill/super power. I am yet to find mine but I know that I will so thank you James!"

Lily, 7L

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