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2021 author event at the Henley Literature Festival with Angela Gallop

October 2021

St Helen and St Katharine was delighted to sponsor a number of events at the Henley Literature Festival this year. One of these events was forensics scientist and author Angela Gallop who was interviewed by Katherine Grainger. 

Forensic science has become one of the great modern fascinations of television and cinema. Angela has been at the forefront for over 45 years, working on hundreds of cases from the seemingly unsolvable to outright bizarre. Angela provided an absorbing account of her career, dedicated to unraveling the truth behind some of the UK’s most shocking crimes of the last four decades.

Some of our Lower Sixth students were fortunate to go to this event and they would like to share their thoughts with you:

"I was so surprised by how inspired I was by Angela Gallop’s talk. I never considered forensic science to be a career option for me, however I am wanting to delve into gaining more knowledge of this amazing career after listening to Angela’s journey as a reporting officer and the famous crimes she had solved with her forensic team. There is so much more intricate detail involved, we leave our own print EVERYWHERE! Although the crimes committed sounded dreadful and fearful it was fascinating to know that you have the chance to reveal the truth of an investigation and give justice to the victim and family. I can’t wait to read Angela Gallop’s book, 'When the Dogs Don’t Bark' and to find out more about this captivating career!"
Abbie, Lower Sixth

"We had such a brilliant time at the Henley Literary Festival seeing Professor Angela Gallop talk about her forensic science career. We were all inspired by her strong sense of justice and her contributions to society, especially as a woman in 1980s joining a male dominated field. We also enjoyed hearing about the process of her writing her book and can’t wait to read it!"
Hannah and Maddy, Lower Sixth


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