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ARTiculation 2020

I entered this competition with the intention of improving my public speaking. For me this opportunity seemed like a no brainer; I got to talk about something that I love and I am passionate about, and everyone listened. I think this kind of experience is extremely important in order to learn how to express, or articulate, what you are trying to say. The environment in which you do so at ARTiculation is especially helpful for this as you are talking about something you really care about and really engaging with it.

What I also found helpful about the process was during the heats hearing everyone else’s presentations, hearing about other artists and other unique ways of describing and analysing. I find that with art and other creative processes it is easy to get stuck in a rut of what you are used to and comfortable with, without even realising you aren’t really exploring or developing your work as much as you think you are. This competition forced me to think differently and have a wider perspective on artwork and how I relate to it by listening to others, improving my presentation and the exposure to different ideas. The way that ARTiculation is run provides this medium for exploration in this sense by giving the speaker complete control. It was very clear that everyone had interpreted how to approach this differently and by being given full control allowed a free and refreshing atmosphere. I would really recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in art, even if they don’t do it as an A-level. There was a boy who was with me in both the southern regional heat and the southern final, who didn’t do an art subject as an A-level. Instead he is doing biology, chemistry, English and music.

What ARTiculation is about is expressing yourself and being passionate about art, it welcomes everyone, and I would thoroughly encourage others to enter.

Kerry L6H

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