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An Animazing time

‘I loved seeing all the different animals that Animazing brought in. I was fascinated by all the animals like the bearded dragon and the python. I was really excited to stroke the giant rabbit and hold the barn owl and the snake! I was amazed by some of the facts I learned about the animals, like the tarantula and how it rubs off its hairs in defence, and how the giant frog stored lots of water to keep itself hydrated for a month!’

Priya, 7M


‘Animazing was… AMAZING! My favourite animals were the hedgehogs, the rabbit and the barn owl. We learnt lots about the animals that we didn’t know before!’

‘Animazing was so much fun. I’m really happy because now I don’t have a fear of snakes! I loved the barn owl and the big fluffy rabbit!’

‘I loved having the snake around my shoulders and holding the giant cockroaches. I have never experienced anything like it!’

‘It was terrifying but awesome at the same time!’

‘I really enjoyed holding and petting the owl. It was very interesting learning about toads and frogs.’

Reactions from 7M

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