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Applying for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine event

March 2022

In March, St Helen’s hosted an ‘Applying for Medicine for Veterinary Medicine’ event in which students from schools across the OX14 Learning Partnership could find out more about careers in healthcare and animal care. Hear from Emily, Amber and Sarah as they tell us more about the event and why they attended.

As an aspiring medic I attended the Applying for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine evening in March as I wanted to learn more about what it means to work in healthcare directly from a doctor in the field. The evening started with an inspiring talk from Dr Benjamin Black. Dr Black is not only an obstetrician and gynaecologist but also works with Médecins sans Frontières and has been on a multitude of humanitarian missions over the past seven years – including sexual and reproductive healthcare for women during and after the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. 

This eye-opening talk really exemplified that being a doctor is not just about working in a hospital and that there are endless opportunities you can explore as a medic. The evening prompted me to think about what I am passionate about and whether medicine plays a part and showed me there are many pathways after medical school. 

The second half of the evening was divided into two parts, focused on medical or veterinary school applications and the UCAS process. I attended the medical school session presented by an administration advisor from Cardiff University. This session prompted us to think about what kind of medical course we wanted: I decided that I would prefer an integrated medical course which is more structured around problem-based learning and more hands-on than the traditional medical courses. Overall, the evening has made me even more excited to start my career in medicine and to meet more inspiring people.

Emily, L6G


I found the Applying for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine evening very helpful and informative. It provided an insight into the veterinary profession and life at veterinary school from the perspective of a veterinary student, helping me to better understand what the course entails, as well as giving me relevant advice for writing personal statements and finding work experience. 

It was also interesting to learn about working in humanitarian aid from an experienced doctor, which helped me to compare medicine and veterinary medicine, and learn about the role vets play in times of unrest. 

Overall I thought the evening was incredibly educational because I learned a lot about the application process and earlier steps for getting into veterinary medicine. This included information about the universities which offer the course, entry requirements and preparing for interviews, and I would thoroughly recommend it to aspiring vets and medics.

Amber, L6H


First, we heard a keynote speech from Dr Benjamin Black, who is an obstetrician and gynaecologist, as well as a consultant and special Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières providing humanitarian aid across the world. He gave a very inspiring talk about what it is like to be a doctor, and the range of things you can do with a medicine degree. 

Afterwards, we were split into groups for subject-specific talks. Students who were interested in applying for medicine had the opportunity to listen to Hannah who is currently studying medicine at Cardiff University, Yas – a student at Royal Veterinary College  – gave a talk to those interested in veterinary medicine. They both shared their experiences studying medicine/veterinary medicine and offered invaluable advice about the application process. It was a very insightful evening and I learnt a lot from it. 

Sarah, L6F

We do everything we can to prepare students for life after St Helen and St Katharine. School life is full of transitions between key stages of academic and personal development, each step forward allowing students to flourish having made confident, informed and well-supported decisions. 

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