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Archive Day

On Tuesday 12 May students in Years 5–10 and Lower Sixth embarked on creating submissions for a new collection to be housed in the School Archives.

Students were given the opportunity to create pieces of work to reflect their feelings on the current Covid-19 pandemic and their experiences of Remote St Helen’s. Some students chose to write letters to a future student, others opted to document their new study areas during Remote St Helen’s. There were some creative videos submitted as well as music compositions, excellent pieces of artwork and poetry writing.

The School Archives, located in the Jean Duffield Library, contain documents, images and examples of work etc from 1894 to the current day. A new collection is being created to record the current pandemic and Remote St Helen’s. A large portion of this new collection will comprise the work submitted by current students, as well as official documents and correspondence. It will also contain contributions from current staff, Old Girls and former staff.

School Archivist Mrs Blackmore is currently archiving each item submitted. With over 700 pieces of work from current students this collection will form a major collection within the School Archives. Mrs Blackmore will be curating a series of displays relating to this collection.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the students. I am both impressed and overwhelmed by their effort to create such a variety of submissions for this new collection. It is truly an archivist’s dream to receive so many first-hand accounts of an event such as this pandemic. I know that this new collection will be incredibly useful to historians and researchers in the future.”

Mrs Blackmore, School Archivist























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