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Art trips to Oxford museums

Our A-level art trip to the Pitt Rivers was exciting and full of exploration that has already begun to help us with our theme of ‘light and shadow’. Due to the dark and dingy feel of the museum, all seven of us (along with the GCSE 3DD students) began exploring the effects of shadow and light that could be seen projected onto the hundreds of objects. This minimal light created an environment perfect for our theme and if more light was desired, we could simply step out into the Natural History Museum, which is walled with glass creating high contrast between both museums. Overall this trip was insightful and has kick-started our exploration into different forms and aspects of light.

Flora, L6E

Our GCSE topic this year is structure, so the Ashmolean posed the perfect place to visit and gather information and inspiration. Not only was the actual building beautiful and vey structurally interesting, but there were so many sculptures and paintings that we could relate back to our theme of structure. It was so great to be able to link our original ideas on structure and see them reflected throughout many different paintings and architecture that had been done in so many different decades and mediums.

Ella, 10K

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