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Autumn Piano Concert

This term I was fortunate enough to be asked to play in the Piano Concert. These concerts are a great opportunity to perform in front of people in a friendly and supportive environment, made up of fellow pianists and family members. It provides the opportunity to build confidence in playing to an audience, a valuable experience, especially before taking exams.

There was a huge range of abilities and ages present, from Year 6 to Lower Sixth, as well as a mixture of composers, from the 17th century all the way to the 21st! Although nervous I found that once seated at the piano, nerves are calmed by the support of those you are playing to and it is very easy to lose yourself in the piece you are playing.  After playing your piece it is so lovely to just listen to all the other students play and to appreciate their hard work, as well as the many different pieces of music. Everyone had worked so hard to get their pieces up to an amazing standard, making the concert even more enjoyable. These concerts can help if you need to find some new inspiration for some brand new beautiful music! Or if you need a gentle reminder of just how wonderful being able to play the piano is.

Matilda, 9M        

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