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Biology trip to Diamond Light Source

In December, five girls from Lower Sixth got the amazing opportunity to travel to Diamond light source for a day of biology. Diamond is an incredible place where the largest electron accelerator in the world is used to generate light bright enough to view even the most microscopic of things. What was interesting to learn was that while the accelerator itself is unbelievable it is the experiments and observations that the accelerator enables that have the most significance and whose applications extend far beyond just biology. Throughout the day, we learnt more about the groundbreaking work and research that takes place at the facility and received the privilege of a tour of the numerous labs. We also took part in a very engaging workshop on human diseases and got the opportunity to synthesise our own protein crystals. It was a wonderful taste of the working world of biology and the amazing projects undertaken at diamond every day, that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Alex, L6F

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