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Cornwall Art Trip 2022

July 2022

From the 24-27 June, Year 10 and Lower Sixth art and ceramics students took a four-day trip to Cornwall. We left early on Friday and headed straight to Hauser & Wirth, Somerset, to begin looking at the work of Henry Moore. We were fortunate enough to have a guided tour around the beautiful multi-purpose arts centre and home exhibiting examples of Moore’s unique and ambiguous sculptures. It was incredible to walk around the larger sculptures, most of which were made of bronze. We did individual and group perspective drawings of some of the largest sculptures, rotating around to capture all the intriguing angles and how the light, shadow and overall composition changed so heavily by taking a few steps. 

The following day we visited Penlee House, which consisted of a gallery and a gorgeous garden. Art students looked to find architectural structures within plants in the garden and then headed into the gallery to sketch our favourite pieces. Next stop was the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Penzance. This was an amazing garden with an array of stunning tropical and native plants from South Africa to Texas. It also included a variety of sculptures woven into the landscape and came with a breath-taking view of St Michael’s Mount. This was my personal favourite location as I was captivated by the work of Seamus Moran which compelled me to further research his one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of the group ran into Dr Neil Armstrong (not the astronaut!) who owns the gardens and gave a talk on the artwork on display whilst in the James Turell Skyspace. 

The next day we were off to St Ives. As the art classes began with a trip to sketch the sea and an abstract workshop, the ceramics class took a trip to the St Ives Tate Gallery. After exploring the impacts of colour, composition and layering, art students then moved on to the Tate to look at the range of work that falls under the umbrella term of ‘landscapes’. Then we went to the Barbara Hepworth Gardens where we looked more at the contrast of manmade sculptures in a natural environment. Meanwhile, ceramics students took a very enjoyable look into The Leech Pottery Studio, and Gallery. 

Overall, the trip was a lovely escape to the seaside which gave us all brilliant opportunities to expand on our artistic techniques while admiring the incredible scenery and taking inspiration for our future work.

Izzy, 10J

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