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Creative on the inside and outside

The Long Gallery was humming with excitement last week as we unveiled a new exhibition of artwork on the theme of ‘inside and outside’. All the pieces were created by students from local schools: Abingdon Prep, Appleton CE Primary, Drayton Community Primary, The Iffley Academy, The Manor and Sunningwell CE Primary. Many have been working with our Creative Partnerships Coordinator, Ms McDonald, on their pieces. The students were given many different starting points from which take inspiration, for example inside/outside your head, out of an aeroplane window, eyes and animals and electronics. The result was a collection of work with a phenomenal variety and range of thought.

St Helen’s Year 6 students contributed ceramic models of gargoyles to the exhibition. Made from original sketches, all the sculptures are individual, with a rich variety of textures, surfaces and modelling.

Travel-theatre-maker Adrian Brooks came to speak about the works and to choose winners from each category. Year 11 art scholar Chelsea found his thoughts fascinating: ‘I really enjoyed hearing Adrian Brooks talk about the inside/outside exhibition. I loved looking at all the work and how each student individually interpreted the theme. In particular, I thought the colourful self-portraits students had created using sticker dots were really intriguing, as some were sporadically placed while others were almost mechanically stuck down, row by row. I also thought Adrian mentioned a really thought provoking and eye-opening idea: that we are all artists as children but as we grow up, it is how we retain that creativity that determines what we will accomplish in the future.’

Several students present will be joining St Helen’s in Year 7 and very much enjoyed talking to Ms McDonald about art at the School.

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