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Dance Fever

On 27 November over 100 students took to the YPH stage to perform and compete in our biannual dance choreography competition ‘Dance Fever’. The evening really was a fantastic celebration of dance, with the whole of Year 8 opening the show with their fabulous tribute to Queen, dancing to several of their most loved songs. The competition then started with a fabulous solo from Charlie (U6E) and went on to cover a huge variety of dance styles including Bollywood and Irish dancing. The standard this year was incredible and both key stage categories were closely fought in both the solo and group categories. Congratulations to everyone who took part and particularly this year’s overall winners.


Key Stage 4 Solo

  • 1st: Lucy (U6G)
  • 2nd: Becky (U6D)
  • 3rd: Charlie (U6E)

Key Stage 3 Group

  • 1st: Mary (9J), Scarlet (9J)
  • 2nd: Sade (9J), Beattie (9J), Emily (9M)
  • 3rd: Freya (8J), Tzipi (8J)

Award for Technical Excellence: Olivia (10K)

Award for Most Entertaining: Emma (10K)

Award for Creativity: Alice (9M), Lily (9K)

Key Stage 3 Solo

  • 1st: Tansi (8L)
  • 2nd: Beth (7L)
  • 3rd: Milini (7M)

Key Stage 4 Group

  • 1st: Emma (10M), Emma (10M)
  • 2nd: Emma (10K), Elissa (10K), Olivia (10L), Agnes (10J), Katharina (10K)

Award for Technical Excellence: Grace (9M)

Award for Most Entertaining: Izzy (7L)

Award for Creativity: Saskia (7L)

Highest Scoring Key Stage 3 Routine to be entered in the Great Big Dance Off: Scarlet (9J) and Mary (9J), Tansi (8L)

Highest Scoring Key Stage 3 Routine to be entered in the Great Big Dance Off: Lucy (U6G)

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