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Developing our collaboration with Henge Festival

October 2021

Through our Creative Arts Partnership, we are delighted to have started working with a number of local schools in preparation for the Henge Festival. The event was postponed this year due to covid restrictions and is now taking place on the autumn equinox in September 2022.

The festival will be a contemporary arts event in performance, music, digital soundscape, poetry, dance and the visual arts, celebrating an ancient landscape and its people who settled in and around the Wittenham Clumps, Brightwell Barrow and the Dyke Hills over 4000 years ago.  

In the summer we worked with a number of primary schools in Dorchester, Brightwell and Berinsfield and enjoyed local musicians presenting to the students how Iron Age musical instruments might have looked and sounded. This included hearing the extraordinary reverberating sound of a large conch shell being blown (harder than it looks!) and Steve Eyre’s haunting musical digital soundscape which captured everyone's imagination when we heard it. Students have also been involved in making clay figures of iron age monsters and learning how coracles are built and sailed.

Workshops were held in local primary schools with Jane McDonald, Clare Langston (from St Helen’s), Adrian Brooks and Sophia Stewart Liberty, in which students made willow and tissue lanterns to be used to start the festival procession in the early evening next September at the Dyke Hills.

We will keep you updated of our progress over the coming months as we look forward to the big event in September 2022.

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