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Drama trip to Peter Gynt

On 1 October, all the A-level Drama students went to see the production of Peter Gynt in the National Olivier Theatre in London. This ‘epic’ production follows the life of an ordinary man, desperate to make a name for himself, along the way encountering trolls, dancing cowgirls, talking hyenas and much more. Throughout the production he takes on many different personas in an attempt to achieve his goal of being ‘King of the world’ but by the end realises that his whole life had ultimately been meaningless, as he had led his life telling lies, never once finding his true identity.

Personally, I think the incredibly versatile set was really effective as the stage was split in half with a green, earthy flooring on one side and black flooring on the other. This allowed for many locations to be created including the Florida resort, the underground troll kingdom and the Scottish Highlands, where the production begins. But overall, I was really struck by the relevance of the narrative to our society today, as I thought it perfectly captured the image-obsessed world we live in, with social media allowing one to present any version of themselves they want, often making us forget who we really are.

Fiona, L6G

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