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Empathy Action

On Thursday 29 November, Year 9 took part in a poverty simulation run by the charity Empathy Action. Our task was to immerse ourselves in the lives of those less fortunate than us, in particular those living in poverty in developing countries. The afternoon consisted of living in large families (our friends!) in the ‘Landlord’s’ slum. The stay lasted a total of 3 weeks (or 45 minutes). With each week it became increasingly tough to fund necessities, rent and if we needed it, healthcare. Our main task was to make paper bags from newspaper and the cheapest glue possible, flour and water. Although, many of us turned to singing and dancing, begging and even having kidneys and other organs removed in order to pay off debts and keep our family alive.

After our experience with Empathy Action we decided we want to do more to make ourselves better global citizens, and do more in the future to help those who are struggling the most. We found that being immersed in a world of poverty raised our attention to the real world around us and made us appreciate what we have and what others do not. Even small things, like knowing that there would never be enough time to spend with family, have a chat or even tidy up will always make us feel incredibly grateful for even the smallest of opportunities.

Once the simulation was over, we were left with the simplest question, ‘so what?’ Even the simplest of questions have the most complex answers.

Sophie and Kate, 9L


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