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Food 4 Thought I

As you will know if you found yourself making pancakes last Tuesday, we are now in Lent and so are shifting to a slightly different pattern of Chapel-replacement offerings. 'Thought 4 Today' is changing to 'Food 4 Thought' for Lent and Rose (our new sacristan) and I have been putting together a little series of films that combine a bit of cooking and a bit of reflection based on biblical foods / recipes.

Here is the first of this term's Food 4 Thought films. The ingredient we're looking at in this film is red lentils and this week's recipe is for spiced red lentil and carrot soup - a modernised version of the biblical original in Genesis 25. Cumin, onions and olive oil are all biblical foods as well as the lentils but carrots and coconut milk of course aren't! You can see the basic recipe here which you can tweak to taste, as Rose shows you. 

We hope it will be a light-handed and life-affirming contribution to the coming weeks, that honours the season of Lent as a time of growth and new possibility rather than the old notion of it as a grim time of giving up stuff!


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