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House Bake Off 2021

Just before the end of term I decided I would take a bit of a break from work for an afternoon and try my hand at baking and decorating some cupcakes for the virtual House Bake Off competition. The brief, set by Mrs Alpers, asked for four cupcakes of any kind. To push myself out of my comfort zone I thought I would try something a bit out of the box and I landed on the idea of Safari animals. I had such fun making and decorating these cakes that the following week I decided I wanted to have another go, but this time at something slightly different to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve fortunately been able to share some of my baking creations with my neighbours and household, which I like to think made up for the mess in the kitchen! The competition helped me discover a new hobby that took me away from screens completely and allowed me to relax into my own little baking world. I’m already looking forward to Easter and friends’ birthdays to provide another reason to bake themed cupcakes.

Amber U6D

I loved baking as a young child, but I really learned to decorate cakes when I was eight years old, by watching a YouTube video on how to pipe icing. Since then, I have made customised cakes to raise money for a variety of charities, such as the Walkabout Foundation, which helps amputees in Uganda. Every week, I bake and decorate customised birthday cakes for children in Oxford who wouldn’t otherwise receive one. With a grant from the Parent’s Association in Year 9, I founded an organisation called Calcucake, with the purpose of instilling a love of maths in young children through baking and cake decorating.

Maddie 11M

Making my burger cupcakes was really fun! I chose to do them because I wanted to do something different and had wanted to make an illusion cake for quite some time, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make them.  I loved turning normal looking cupcakes into burgers and it was a very different experience from how I usually bake and decorate cupcakes, so it was lovely to change it up and make illusion cupcakes! As part of the assembling process, I got to turn circular pieces of green and yellow fondant icing into lettuce leaves and cheese which was really cool too! Overall, I really enjoyed turning a bowl of cake mixture into cupcakes disguised as burgers and thank you the team who created this competition because I had great fun taking part!

Izzy 8L

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