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Kilve Court 2019

After an eternity on the motorway and a lot of twisty lanes, Mrs Taylor finally stood up to tell us what we had been anticipating for the whole, entire bus journey. Our dorms and our activity groups, which were organized brilliantly!

As soon as we arrived at Kilve we jumped straight into a beautiful beach walk, where we went fossil hunting and admired the view, which was topped off by a yummy chocolate ice cream. After a long and tiring walk, we were treated to delicious dinner and doughnuts. Our last activity of the evening was an orienteering competition, with a slight twist, it was pitch black!

Biking, shooting, slipping, sliding, grooving. Tuesday was full of fun activities, which began with mountain biking through ditches and cycling over challenging obstacles. Some of us even ‘arched’ our way towards a bullseye in the next activity, archery.  After a short stop to eat lunch and get out of some very muddy clothes, we headed up the ‘Killer Hill’ (Quantock Hills). Even though it was hard to smile through the pain, the view once we reached the top of the hill was definitely worth it. As we skidded uncontrollably down the muddy hill, all we could think about was the den building that awaited us! Even though we were sad that the walk was over, we were still very glad of a shower and couldn’t wait for the disco that evening. The evening ended with a song-filled disco, which left us all dancing in our beds that night.

We awoke with mixed feelings as we knew it was our last day; however we still had the fantasy trail and climbing to look forward to. We were told to dress warmly and so we did, with at least two or three pairs of trousers. Our first activity, the fantasy trail was a very fun and muddy experience. Even though we were soaked through our trousers with mud by the end, from crawling under tarpaulins and through small tunnels, it definitely helped our teamwork, as by the end we helped each other as much as possible and listened to what everyone said. Climbing definitely was a challenge, but with the help of everyone directing you, most of us made it to the top. Some people’s teamwork was so good that they even did it blindfolded!

As an extra treat, we had a mud-free activity on the way home, we went bowling! We had a brilliant three days and got lots of opportunities we’d never had before, and had a lot of close encounters with mud!

Darcey and Tansi, 7L

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