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Language Perfect

I recently participated in the Language Perfect World Series competition, which is the world’s largest online language competition with an average of 200,000 participants worldwide per year. This year, I managed to rank 1st in the UK and 16th worldwide. 

I received an amazing trophy last year when I ranked 1st overall in Europe and 14th overall worldwide. I also got invited to apply to the Education Perfect Student Internship and made it through to the interview stage, in the top five.

I have been competing in these competitions for about three years now and have learnt so much from them. They help me improve my knowledge and understanding of many languages and cultures (French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, Samoa, Maori…)

The competition is part of a larger event called the Education Perfect World Series which involves more than 300,000 students from around the world, competing in maths, science, English, languages and humanities.

Most people have heard of the competition and have seen me receive awards for them, but few actually know the gruelling work that goes behind the certificates.

The EP Languages Championship is a seven-day online event in which each competitor has an eight-hour time limit to spend learning vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension texts, answering questions about them, completing grammar exercises and intensive/extensive vocabulary tests.

This year the competition happened during the summer holidays, which I spent traveling around north of France. I used my eight hours most days, apart from when we were travelling around France as my hotspot kept dying in the car which was very frustrating because I got behind.

Obviously, a lot of perseverance, endurance and resilience is required to compete and do well in these competitions. I owe all of my success to my family and friends that encouraged me to keep going, the mountains of food I ate and the satisfaction of seeing my name going up on the scoreboard.

This can get very addictive and challenging. After answering all the questions in the languages I am familiar with I had no choice but to tackle new ones. 

I would go to bed so proud of myself, having ranked in the top 10, only to wake up gutted to have been outranked by some Australians and New Zealanders.

I am so thankful for Education Perfect as it has allowed me to further my passion for learning and languages. I am also very grateful to the MFL Department for introducing me to it.

I would encourage more students at St Helen’s to take part in the experience.

Hannah, 11J

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