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Love Languages 2020

We were delighted to welcome St Edmund’s Primary School, Sunningwell Primary School, Rush Common Primary School and Charlton Primary School for our annual Love Languages competition, an opportunity for Year 5 students to showcase their language-speaking skills. With a theme of ‘colours’ and performances in French, Spanish and Mandarin, it was a linguistic and musical treat, with every performer showing amazing confidence in their chosen language.

Languages have the power to break down barriers, and our three judges – Old Girl Charlotte Ryland, Becky Burns and Kathy Laszlo – were extremely impressed with the level of commitment shown. They encouraged everyone to keep going with their language learning.

St Helen’s Year 5 students were also part of the competition and loved every moment:

‘It was really fun and everyone was really good.’

‘I had lots of fun and I learnt loads.’

‘There was a big variety of languages.’

‘I really liked the other schools’ performances and they were really interesting.’

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