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MUN Conference

On 10 November a group of St Helen’s and Larkmead students travelled to the Malvern St James MUN Conference, representing the countries of China and Poland. The conference opened with a compelling speech by Commander Susie Morgan who spoke about her career in the Royal Navy and the instability of global relations. After this, everyone dispersed into their committees to lobby and debate resolutions.

Topics debated in committees were diverse, with questions ranging from disease X and gun control to the crisis in Syria and illegal immigration. In the General Assembly, both committees were involved in resolving the crisis of North Korea attacking nuclear submarines in the South China Sea.

The day was full of successes for delegates and delegations alike. Lydia (U6D) and Heidi (11L) both achieved commended delegate on the Human Rights and Economic committees respectively with Joseph (Larkmead) and Anna (L6D) gaining Highly Commended in the Security Council and Political committees. We are particularly proud of Charlie (L6E) winning outstanding delegate for the Economic committee and the success of the Chinese delegation in achieving commended for the conference as a whole. 

Anna, L6D and Charlie, L6E

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