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Oxford fieldwork day

On 25 September Lower Sixth geographers took a trip to Oxford for the day to collect and study data of urban microclimates and urban regeneration. In the morning, we split into groups and took a different path leading from the centre of Oxford to the outskirts of Oxford, collecting data such as building height, population density and temperature. It was very interesting to see how some of the data changed and varied as we made our way back into the centre.

After lunch we split into our groups again to assess regeneration in Oxford, and this involved collecting data such as questionnaires, pollution levels and clone town surveys. My favourite part of this was seeing people’s opinions on the new Westgate Centre during the questionnaire. We had a very wide range of thoughts on the new shopping area and it was very fascinating to see why different people thought this.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day as we were able to learn some very useful skills and techniques on collecting fieldwork data which we will be able to use again in the future during our other fieldwork investigations and during our coursework investigation.

Phoebe, L6F and India, L6H

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