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Photography competition exhibition 'Plastic'

Students from local secondary schools submitted photographs on theme of plastic for an exhibition in the Long Gallery at St Helen and St Katharine. Professional stills photographer Chris Baines (whose work appears online, in magazines and national newspapers) talked about the work on display and the range and exciting variety of photographs which had all used the same starting point.

'I loved the photography evening, I enjoyed hearing Christopher Baines talk as he pointed out small details and concepts in photographs I didn’t see initially. I also thought the photographs pinned up as a collection emphasised their meaning and the sheer amount of plastic we are wasting. I was also able to see how each person interpreted the theme of plastic in a slightly different way, and how they conveyed their ideas through colour, light, and composition.'

Chelsea 11M

'The theme of plastics was explored by a number of entrants from schools around Abingdon. It was particularly interesting to see the different ways in which everyone took the title, with some responses referring to current plastic pollution issues, whilst others explored positive uses of plastic or represented plastics in a more abstract way. Chris Baines spoke about how important the stories behind photos are, and explained how colours such as red can add a vibrant dynamic to a photograph.'

Kathy U6A


The winners

Years 7 and 8

Winner: Lily (Oxford Spires)

Highly Commended: Elizaveta (Wychwood)

Years 9, 10 and 11

Winner: Morgan (Radley)

Highly Commended: Erin (Fitzharrys)

Sixth Form

Winner: Georgina (Didcot Girls)

Highly Commended: Elizabeth (St Helen's)

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