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Photography masterclass with Chris Baines

Christopher Baines is a professional stills photographer, taking publicity photographs in studios and on location for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky TV and many independent television production companies. His work appears online, in magazines and national newspapers. He also leads photography workshops, both in groups and one-to-one, and is a regular contributor to the Royal College of Art’s Secret Postcard exhibition.

St Helen and St Katharine was delighted that Chris recently ran a virtual photography masterclasss for the three winners of the photography exhibition on the theme of Plastic which was held at St Helen’s earlier this year.

Over the masterclass the keen photographers were shown Chris’s professional work and his approach to taking photographs, and shared the winners’ images of three subjects that particularly interested them. They then looked at Street Photography to reflect the session we had planned to hold in Oxford, including some contemporary work and the photos of Vivian Maier (whose self-portrait is in the screen shot).


‘Thank you for yesterday, it was so well presented and inspiring. From my perspective as a parent and art teacher I was so impressed by the flow and Chris managed to keep all the students engaged for hour and a half! His work was fascinating with great insight into photography as a career option and other photographs work.’

Lily (Year 7) said she enjoyed seeing the other students work, hearing them talk about it and she found it inspiring to look at how they made their images. She liked seeing Chris’s pictures of behind the scenes at the TV studios.

‘I really enjoyed the masterclass. I learnt a lot not only about my own photographs but also about famous photographers and their styles and techniques. Chris is very interesting to listen to and learn from, especially with all his experience in the business. It was a great experience. Thank you.’

Morgan (Year 11)

‘I really enjoyed the masterclass It was really fun and I really liked listening to Christopher Baines presentation. I leant quite a lot about cameras as well as photographers I have previously studied! I’m looking forward to making my own shoebox camera, I'm very excited to try it out.’

Georgina (Upper Sixth)

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