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On Sunday 11 June I came into school at 11am, I went into the Performing Arts Studio, I came in to a set-up of chairs and a lot of face paint and makeup. Working in hair and makeup is a small part of an amazing organisation, each small part makes one awesome performance and I enjoyed working in the crew instead of being in the cast. Being in Year 7 I got to do the Wickershams and also the Whos – the Whos had red cheeks and freckles and the Wickershams had monkey noses and eyeliner. I loved watching the characters come to life! I enjoyed working on Seussical, I’d love to do it again!

Mariella, 7K

This year saw YPH stage bombarded with an energetic and enthusiastic performance of Seussical Jr. It was a polished production due to the commitment of the Year 7 and 8 cast, the always helpful crew, talented hair and make-up people and of course the skilful band.

One of my best Seussian memories is during Notes Time when both Miss Lee and Miss Coad stood up and (very loudly) demonstrated the ‘proper’ way to Boil It as one song clearly states. Incredibly funny to witness, although the arm waving did leave us wondering about their sanity!

Honestly, having my hair plaited to a wire (the only way of achieving a proper ‘Who-vian’ hairstyle) has now become my worst fear. Nevertheless, I feel so proud of everyone involved. Being part of the slightly bizarre Seussian family has been such an amazing & memorable experience.

Anastasia, 8J (aka Mrs Mackle-Who)

At first I didn’t believe that two hour long rehearsals could always be fun, however Seussical quickly proved me wrong. The process for Seussical was non-stop; there was always something to do. However, every rehearsal was different. Whether it was making notes or trying to find a paddling pool, we were always busy. Despite being so busy, rehearsals also gave me an opportunity to meet some new friends. This was my first large production on the Stage Management team and these new friends taught me what to do and soon it felt like second nature. As well as having the other Stage Managers, Miss Lee was always there when we were unsure of how to do things and the show wouldn’t have been anywhere near as exciting without her extraordinary vision of it. Stage Management was very different compared to acting, however, I enjoyed every second and I looked forward to Thursdays so I could go to another rehearsal – I ended up going almost every week! By working on Seussical, I’ve learned new skills that I will carry forward both in theatre and in life and I am so grateful for the experience.

Maud, 9M

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be one of the company’s deputy stage managers for Seussical. I had never been a part of the crew for any production before and Seussical was the best possible way for me to get stuck in! Through being a part of stage management, I got to watch the show develop into something really special (whilst frantically trying to draw stick men into the script which mirrored the choreography!). I had the most incredible time working alongside Miss Lee, the cast and the rest of the crew and I made so many new friends doing so. When performance week arrived it was a blur of colours and pure excitement filled with such amazing energy and buzz! It is safe to say that all the hard work paid off and we were all so proud of what we accomplished by closing night! I’m going to really miss being a part of Seussical (and singing the songs behind the curtains!) but I can guarantee that it’s an experience that will stay with me for a long time.

Alice, 10M

I was part of the sound department on the Seussical production. Doing sound gave me the opportunity to see the show all of the nights as well as experience the atmosphere backstage. I have been part of the shows at St Helen’s a number of times before, I can honestly say that Miss Lee has been one of the best directors I have witnessed. She remained calm the whole time even when people’s mics weren’t working or missed their cues. She has been so understanding throughout the whole experience and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. The cast was also one of the most professional Lower School casts I have seen on and off stage. Their charisma and enthusiasm were a joy to be part of and how they supported of each other, no matter the stature of their role. I absolutely loved the show and it found my friend and me in the sound box mouthing the words to every song during the performance. I have made some amazing friends during the performance regardless of their year and it has been an incredible experience being part of a fantastic cast and crew.

Olivia, 10J

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