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Sport secrets from Saracens

Our sportswomen were very lucky to enjoy several talks from key women at Saracens Rugby Club, a St Helen's Old Girl and a sports nutritionist about their careers.

Sonia Green

Saracens player

Being able to listen to Sonia’s journey through her rugby career was both extremely inspiring and eye opening. Through asking questions, this allowed me to better understand what it takes to reach the next level in sport and to become professional. It was a great opportunity to talk to someone so successful and hear how she overcame her struggles in order to reach her goal and I will definitely use her wise words going forward in my own sporting journey. Thank you!

Zoe U6A

Jasmine Campbell


I really enjoyed the talk and how it was more of a discussion rather than just listening to a speech! I learnt how important protein is (I will be eating more of it as I feel I am not reaching the correct amount at the moment!). I found it really encouraging how interested Jasmine was with her chosen career, and how she also touched on universities.

Jasmine 11K

Laura Eddie (Saracens Director of Women’s Sport) and Brodie Miller (Old Girl, Sports Medicine student)

It was really nice to get an insight to university life from Brodie Miller and work life from Laura Eddie. I found them both very inspirational, telling us about the sporting experiences and how they have got to where they are now, and what they hope to achieve later on in their lives.

Georgie 11J

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