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Sports Day 2018

Despite it being an incredibly hot day, this year’s Sports Day was a great success, from the house costumes to the various school records broken. An especially impressive performance was Tara in Lower Sixth who broke three school records in discus, rounders ball and shot. The day did not only include many outstanding sporting performances, but in addition House Spirit was very prominent, with face paint, tattoos, balloons and glitter. There was also a considerable amount of noise produced from the stands with house chants being performed throughout the afternoon and even Stella Johnson on the drums. The day was a very inclusive event, ranging from the Year 5 and 6 relay race to the 24 man relay. A highlight for many, was watching Mrs Trumper, Mrs Keogh and Miss Lydall battling it out in the final leg of the 24 man relay. However, well done to Duffield who were the winners of this particular event. There were also guest performances from Mr Bownass, Mrs Armstrong, Mr Hunt and Mr Drew. Congratulations to Hayward for their overall victory, and a huge thank you to the sports department and all teachers who helped with the running of the day.

Ellen, Sports Captain

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