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St Helen's submissions chosen for the British Physics Olympiad

The British Physics Olympiad(BPhO) Experimental Project for Physics once again took place this term.  This project aims to allow the students to apply their practical skills to rather unusual, but interesting, everyday objects. This year 18 students from Year 10 and the Lower Sixth undertook an investigation into the rather abstract motion of a slinky falling under gravity.  The students worked in pairs using smartphone technology to analyse the motion.  They then presented their findings, along with detailed evaluations, in formal project reports.  This year’s reports were of an exceptional standard, from all participants.  It was very hard to choose just one report for each category, but the very best have been submitted to the BPhO team at Oxford University for consideration in the national competition. 

This year’s winning submissions from St Helen's were undertaken by Brona Ruiseal and Anoushka Nairac for the Year 10/11 competition, and Poppy Lennox and Iona Mitchell for the Year 12/13 competition.  Congratulations!  We look forward to hearing the outcome in the spring.


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