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The Great Big Dance Off

Both of our junior and senior dance groups qualified for the regional round of The Great Big Dance Off which took place at Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. The junior dancers – 13 Year 8 students and one Year 7 student – performed a piece based on the classic scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice and the Red Queen battle it out to decide who is victorious. They came seventh out of 11 performances in the KS3 category which is a fantastic achievement against some very tough opposition. The seniors performed a piece based on the mysterious Bermuda triangle. The dance told a story of a girl who finds herself lost at sea, desperately trying to escape. This was a very different piece of contemporary dance which showed a lot of imagination and creativity. The senior came second out of 14 performances in the KS4/5 category. The seniors now progress through to the National Finals on Monday 2 July in Cheltenham. Both dances were choreographed by Charlotte (L6E) and both were student-led pieces.

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