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The Scottish play

On Thursday 19 September, Year 11 all enjoyed a sunny afternoon out at the Oxford Playhouse to watch an interesting performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The packed theatre was gripped from the start when war-painted witches burst onto the stage in a dramatic first scene, followed by bloodied soldiers carrying electric guitars. It was then we realised this was going to be a performance with a difference. Throughout the play we enjoyed seeing the scenes we had studied brought to life in front of us and watched with a mixture of fascination and horror as the Macbeths dealt with whatever or whoever was in their way in their bid to become rulers. The Watermill Ensemble made every single character believable and unforgettable, particularly the terrifyingly ambitious and manipulative Lady Macbeth. The talented cast accompanied the action with on-stage performances of songs by artists such as the Rolling Stones and Frank Sinatra, which added to the drama and made the Shakespearean tragedy especially memorable. Overall it was a great performance to help with the studying of the play and we are grateful to the English teachers for this enjoyable afternoon out.

Alice, 11K

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