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Theatre double debut

A St Helen’s Old Girl is directing a production of her debut play at the North Wall Arts Centre in Summertown. Hereafter by Chloe Taylor is about grief and the limbo it creates, dealing with the terrifying reality of being bound to someone or something in the past.

Chloe, now a student at the University of Oxford, says of the play: “In times of grief, there's an awkward and uncomfortable limbo between recollection and repression. We fear laughing, talking, being too emotional, being too silent. In this play, we're imagining what a 21st century ‘period of mourning’ might look like, the stigma of grief and how the possibility of existing in alternate, virtual spaces blurs the boundaries between the living and the deceased.”

Chloe takes these ideas to their extreme in her writing, imagining the worst possible experience of grief. Her main character, Eva, says “I don't want to say goodbye in the most loving way, I want to wallow. I didn't want to say goodbye. But I had to. And I did.”

Hereafter runs until 2 June; to buy tickets visit the North Wall Arts Centre website.

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