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Year 7 art trip

On 6 June, Year 7 went a trip to Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, which we felt was well deserved as it gave us a break after our school exams.

When we arrived we were split into three groups and our group started off in the Pre-Raphaelite galleries. We were given an envelope with a small piece of paper inside and were told to find a painting that stood out and draw it, we were also told to decorate the envelope with parts of the painting. On the small piece of paper we wrote three words that described the painting and also wrote a letter to the artist with our comments and questions.

After lunch we were given a guided tour round other galleries and the tour guide picked out one or two paintings from each century and explained and evaluated the specifics of each one.

On the tour we looked at the elements of landscape and portrait paintings, we also looked at the different sections of a painting such as foreground, middle ground and background to help us understand the components of perspective.

We think it was a very interesting trip and we learnt a lot about the Pre-Raphaelite era and will think about perspective when we do our next art assignment.

Georgie and Matilda, 7L

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