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Year 8 visit to Kew Gardens

When we first arrived at Kew, we visited the Shirley Sherwood Art Gallery. It contained lots of realistic botanical paintings of Australasian plants. We drew and coloured from these and learnt about the intrepid exploits of the nineteenth century painter Marianna North.

Just before lunch we visited the Hive which was our favourite part of the day. The Hive is a metal grid monument the size of a house that you can walk underneath and get right into the middle of. It has lights and speakers directly linked to bee hives located in another area of Kew Gardens. The more active the bees are the more lights come on and the more instruments begin to play.

After a quick lunch and an ice cream, we went to the tree top walk. This is an aerial gantry and walkway set amongst tall trees which allows one to get amazing views and pictures of Kew.

We then visited the Princess of Wales conservatory to see and draw tropical plants like cacti, ginormous water lilies and carnivorous plants in different biomes, each with different temperatures and humidity….

…..and then it was time to go home!

Hannah and Eliana, 8K

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