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Partnerships with charities

Students vote annually for the charity of the year and with the assistance of a group of Sixth Form charity reps, students are encouraged to take the initiative with fundraising. For 2019 the charity is Helen and Douglas House.

In 2018 through the volunteering and fundraising activities of students, parents and staff, we raised £19,000 for Mercy Ships, who provide safe surgery for free onboard their 'floating hospital;, the Africa Mercy. Relying on donations and the dedication of volunteer staff, Mercy Ships transforms thousands of lives in every country it visits and we are both proud and delighted to have contributed to their important work. 

Each summer a group of Lower Sixth students spend time volunteering in Kenya with Nasio Trust or in Swaziland with Sense Africa.

 ‘The people in Swaziland are incredibly optimistic and in seeing their way of life it has influenced us to take their attitude home and attempt to share the compassion they have. We were often told that things don’t go to plan because ‘it’s Africa’ but our whole team would agree that the response ‘it’s Africa’ should only be when describing the generosity, kindness and dedication of great people and is something that should be greatly admired and remembered.’ Juliet, Upper Sixth

‘I felt my eyes were opened to realities of poverty especially the fact that many people do not have unlimited access to resources like water and gas like we do. All the people we met in the community of Mhlumeni were so positive, determined and helpful all the time even though they had so little. Since I have got home I try to conserve water and I am definitely more appreciative of everything I have.’ Jemima, Upper Sixth