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The St Helen and St Katharine Foundation encompasses all the positive ways in which we contribute to and engage with the wider community. Our relationships with nearby schools and community groups are based on learning about their needs so that we can develop work together as partners. In this way the partnerships aim to be true collaborations in which inspiration and learning flows both ways. By giving their time and working with others towards a common goal, students develop an appreciation of the part they can play in society. On these pages you will find a glimpse of our partnership work, a continually developing programme as we build new ways to benefit the local community through conversations with local partners.

'I spent a year volunteering at Kingfisher School, a school for students with learning and physical needs. It was an extremely rewarding experience, we made really strong connections with the children in our classes. Each week we would help in different lessons and then supervise at playtime. I got to know so many of the children really well and learnt about each child's individual needs. I linked my volunteering with my EPQ, into autism and led my own lesson looking at the benefit of art for children on the spectrum.' Jemima, Upper Sixth