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Partnerships and outreach

St Helen and St Katharine’s partnerships demonstrate all the positive ways in which we contribute to and engage with our wider community. Our relationships with local schools and community groups are based on learning about their needs so that we can develop work together as partners. In this way the partnerships aim to be true collaborations in which inspiration and learning flows both ways. By giving their time and working with others towards a common goal, students develop an appreciation of the part they can play in society. Our partnership work is a continually developing programme as we build new ways to benefit the local community through multiple streams, encompassing academia, creative arts, well-being, sport, higher education and careers, and charity partnership.

Through our Creative Arts Partnership, we are delighted to announce that we are working with the Henge Festival team and with a number of primary schools in Dorchester, Brightwell and Berinsfield in preparation for the Henge Festival event now taking place on the autumn equinox in September 2022. The festival will be a contemporary arts event in performance, music, digital soundscape, poetry, dance and the visual arts, celebrating an ancient landscape and its people who settled in and around the Wittenham Clumps, Brightwell Barrow and the Dyke Hills over 4000 years ago.  Find out more here