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Alumnae journeys

We are enormously proud of our alumnae, whose remarkable achievements and sphere of influence are evident in every walk of life, from medicine, business and engineering to law, public policy and the arts.


Dr Rosie de Laune

Website and Student Engagement Manager at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source (run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council)

"While at St Helen's, I was continually encouraged to ask questions; this is something that is crucial to my current role. I believe the school encouraged me to think independently and to never doubt that I could achieve my goals. 'Per severa' has also stayed with me! The SHSK Old Girls Magazine also helped me - I reached out to another Old Girl who was featured in one of the alumni magazines, asking how she got into her role. She responded and, after taking her advice, she is now a colleague of mine!"

Lydia Akinola

Junior doctor, obstetrics and gynaecology (Oxford Deanery)

"I originally wanted to become an astronaut, however, because I am 'nosy', I soon realised that life as an astronaut would not give me the human interactions I craved. I'm naturally very inquisitive and find people fascinating. The doctors in my family always had the best work stories! And I was really into science, so that's how I ended up choosing medicine as a career."

Sarah Grey

Delegate at the International Committee of the Red Cross

"My time at St Helen's gave me a solid start to adulthood, a love of learning and an ability to study independently, foundational skills - perhaps most importantly in languages (I took French at A-level, and also studied Ancient Greek at GCSE level - though I dropped Latin after Year 9!) - and a sense of the importance of teamwork - I played team sports throughout school, for example, and participation and representation (School Council, etc.)."

Dr Catherine Armstrong

Reader in Modern History and School Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Loughborough University

"My time at St Helen's gave me a love of learning and this underpins the way that I see myself in the world, as an historian, as an academic and as a woman. I was taught my some inspirational teachers during my years at St Helen's, which modelled for me a way of quiet, authoritative leadership in the classroom. I also think that a St Helen's education gives confidence without arrogance in one's own intellectual abilities, allowing me to first of all aim for my own academic career, and then more recently to mentor and coach others towards that goal."

Rebecca Ley

Content Writer at Earnest and self-employed novelist

"I look back at my time at St Helen's very fondly. It was an environment that allowed me to pursue the subjects I really enjoyed, such as History of Art and Literature, with incredibly inspiring and encouraging teachers who always told us we could achieve whatever we wanted. The confidence in our abilities and encouragement we received I'm sure helped me when it came to finding a job I enjoyed and when staring at a blank page trying to write a novel. I made friends for life at school that are endlessly supportive, and that coupled with an environment that supported us every step of the way, helped to give me the confidence I needed to pursue what I really wanted to do."

Stephanie Hills

European Communications Manager at Science and Technology Facilities Council

"My time at St Helen's gave me the social skills to develop relationships and build networks – an absolutely essential part of my job. Every day there’s something new to learn, whether that’s a big science discovery like the Higgs boson or a small technical development, and St Helen's gave me the confidence to ask questions. Through drama and public speaking, I learned the basics of giving speeches and doing presentations. I’ve honed these performance skills over the years; I use them all the time to make science and engineering fun, exciting and accessible to a wider audience. And through promoting school charity events, I realised how to change people’s behaviour – the core goal of marketing and PR."

Imogen West

Legal Counsel at Live Nation (Music) UK Limited

"Having the opportunity to do work experience, using some of the contacts through the School, made sure I had work experience on my CV from an early age which certainly helped when applying for law school. It also allowed me to see if it was a career I would enjoy, but gave me time to think about other careers and consider my options carefully."

Zenia Duell

Location Producer at WAG Entertainment

"At St Helen's, I felt encouraged to pursue my interest in media and was supported when I embarked on independent projects. This helped me to become a determined, motivated self-starter - a mindset which is very much needed to survive as a freelancer!"