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The power of mentoring - connecting our past, present and future

'We are extremely proud of our alumnae community and of our Old Girls who continue to connect with the School. Our aim is to strengthen those connections - to recognise the wealth of life experience and expertise of our Old Girls; to share knowledge and ideas to achieve more, faster, and together and to set the agenda on what the future for women in work can look like.

Through our exciting new initiative, The Kate Scheme, we will guide our young women, inspiring self-belief and highlighting career aspirations and choices. Sharing your career stories can help shape theirs.

Why are we doing this?

  • Only 20% of SMEs in the UK are majority led by women
  • Only 25% of FTSE100 board members are female
  • Only 19% of senior roles are held by women (down from 21% in 2016)
  • The UK currently has its highest recorded proportion of businesses with no women in senior management at 41%,up from 36% in 2016

[Source: Women in Business Global Survey, Grant Thornton UK LLP London March 8, 2017]

Women are still sadly under-represented at the highest levels in most industries. Decision makers, influencers, editors, politicians – many of these roles are dominated by men (although, thankfully, that is changing). This is not only worrying from a business perspective, but also because of the message it sends to our young women.

By contrast, we are in a position to send a positive message. This is not about offering jobs, but by inviting our students into your networks it will help them to understand the dynamics of the world of work and help them to make a smoother transition into higher education or into a career.

More important than how senior or influential you are is whether you have the time and motivation to share your experiences and advice, successes and failures, to support, encourage, coach and guide our girls to explore broader career possibilities and to develop the confidence about what they might be able to do in the future.

We hope you will share our belief in, and commitment to, The Kate Scheme and to ‘Be a Kate’.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to welcoming you to this special programme.'

Rebecca Dougall, Headmistress

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The Kate Scheme was launched in 2016 and already many mentor/mentee partnerships are established and bearing fruit. We want to build on the momentum of this fantastic beginning to develop a strong and meaningful network that benefits everyone involved.

Programme outline


November 2018 – January 2019: Register your interest online via our website.

If you would like to become a mentor, you will need to complete a brief form on this page, detailing your professional experience, any previous experience of mentoring, the time you would be willing to offer and your contact details.

We would like to recruit Old Girls from differing professions and sectors to join us in helping to develop our Sixth Form students achieve their career aspirations.  You certainly don’t need to be an expert mentor, simply willing to introduce mentees to ideas, people, places and possibilities.

January - March 2019

The Kate Scheme Old Girls mentors list is finalised and we will invite and brief potential Sixth Form mentees, who will then select from anonymous mentor profiles from the list. We will find the best match for career preferences and aspirations with industry specialism.  Once this has been finalised, details can be exchanged. You will need to agree to your personal information being shared with your mentee and the School.

Spring 2019

Initial get together and training event for mentors and mentees to get shared aspirations mapped. Together you will design a personalised programme, which meets the needs and interests of your mentee, builds an empowering partnership, and hopefully an enduring friendship too.

Mentor/mentee relationships can overlap between mentoring, coaching, teaching and counselling, but you choose what best works for you both. The Career Mentoring Team at St Helen’s will be on hand throughout the scheme to provide you with any support you need, or to answer any queries.

We hope you will consider joining us and if you have any queries at all, prior to joining the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Trump, Head of Careers.

The Mentoring Process