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SHSK Sounds podcast

SHSK Sounds comprises a diverse programme of conversation, interviews and special features surrounding school life. Made possible by the generosity of the Parents’ Association, our in-house podcast enables us to reflect the eclectic views, stories and pursuits of life at St Helen and St Katharine. 

Features include our ‘Dream Double Bill’ series in which students, staff and special guests are invited to choose their dream pairing of films, our 'In Conversation' series which invites special guests to discuss topics of interest, and many more. SHSK Sounds is available on Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and Podbean.

Dream Double-Bill: Alice and Millie

Welcome to Dream Double-Bill, the show where guests choose two of their favourite films to pair together, talk about what the films individually mean to them, and why they would work so well together. In our first episode, Alice and Millie choose La La Land (2016) and The Wizard of Oz (1939).

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Dream Double-Bill: Emma Spreadbury

Head of Computer Science at St Helen's, Emma Spreadbury, explains why she believes Labyrinth (1986) and Eraserhead (1977) are a match made in cinema heaven.

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Kathryn Devine on LGBT+ History Month artists

In celebration of LGBT+ History Month, Head of Art Kathryn Devine discusses the work of artists such as Doris Brabham Hatt, Keith Harring, Jean Michael Basquiat and others; artists who have explored their identity and politics in very personal ways and narratives which may not be easily expressed in other forms due to legality or social repression of the times in which they lived.

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Dream Double-Bll: Zoe Gardner

St Helen's alumna, Zoe Gardner, who is the Policy & Advocacy Manager at Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants joins live from her London office to discuss why she believes Pride (2014) and In the Heights (2021) make for the ultimate cinematic twosome.

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Dream Double-Bill: Sam Odell

Join Examinations Officer at St Helen's, Sam Odell, as he talks about how the sword-low-heavy Highlander (1986) and Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) would form the ultimate "respect of steel" pairing at a night out at the cinema.

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In Conversation with Ellen Robertson and Charly Clive: Part one

In part one, class of 2011 alumnae Ellen Robertson and Charly Clive talk to Ash Verjee about their comedy writing and performing career, their artistic beginning at St Helen's, and the seismic events that altered the course of their lives.

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In Conversation with Ellen Robertson and Charly Clive: Part two

Hot on the heels of their Edinburgh Fringe announcement where they're performing throughout August 2022, part two of this mini-series sees the pair discussing comedy, the state of the industry today, and their own experiences performing on the circuit.

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In Conversation: Thoughts on Sports Nutrition

Some students engaged with school sport and external sport can be doing 10-15 hours of intense physical activity every week, so it's vital they are not only getting the right nutrients to support their bodies, but are eating enough for their energy needs too.

Join Mr Wall, Mrs Alpers, and three of our Sixth Form student-athletes as they discuss their top tips and challenges around fuelling for training and sports for young athletes.

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In Conversation with Rebecca Dougall and Mike Windsor

If you have ever wondered what two head teachers might talk about when sequestered in a room with a couple of microphones, then wonder no more.

St Helen's Head Mrs Dougall and Headmaster of Abingdon School, Mr Windsor, sat down together to discuss how their own personal career paths have led to this particular point in their professional lives, what it means to be Head and how the pandemic has re-written leadership obligations.

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Inside the new Sixth Form Centre

Heather Darcy, Head of Sixth Form and Higher Education, talks about the new Sixth Form Centre due to open in 2022, the purpose and function of the new spaces, and gives us a glimpse into what it will look like inside once completed.

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