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The Governors have made provision to award bursaries to students whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees. Bursaries can be any value up to the full amount of the fee, and may include assistance with School bus travel. They are awarded to candidates whose performance in the entrance tests suggests academic merit and where the application satisfies the financial constraints dictated by the Governors, and at the Headmistress’ discretion. Bursaries are reviewed annually; they may increase or decrease according to circumstances.

Sixth Form subject-specific bursaries

Four subject-specific bursaries are available for candidates currently in a state funded school applying to join St Helen's Sixth Form. These bursaries cover 100% of school fees as well as additional costs such as school bus transport and any Sixth Form/subject-related enrichment activities. For more information, visit the webpage.

How do I qualify for a bursary?

Bursary funds are limited and those judged most suitable will be given priority as those likely to gain most from the educational provision. Bursary support is based on an assessment of financial circumstances and considers both capital assets as well as income and makes allowances for dependents and pensions. Where fees are being paid to other schools, the award will take these outgoings into account, although the Bursar would expect to see evidence that equivalent awards had been made by other independent schools.

The School considers that the following examples would not be consistent with the receipt of a bursary:

  • frequent / expensive holidays
  • new / luxury cars
  • investment in significant / expensive home improvements
  • a second property / land holdings

Subsequent to entry, the School operates a Hardship Bursary fund for those whose financial arrangements have unexpectedly changed for the worse. The application process is the same but the timescales for review and confirmation of an award are managed on a case by case basis. Parents should be aware that the School would not expect to provide financial assistance within the first two years of a student joining (other than being in receipt of a bursary on entry), since it is expected that sufficient financial resources exist to cover school fees commitments during this period.

All bursaries are means tested.

How do I apply for a bursary?

Parents of registered candidates will be requested to complete an application form. The completed form and supporting papers should be returned to the Bursary at the School well in advance of a student sitting the entrance assessment. Forms may be downloaded below.

Bursary applications - how we use your information

In order to process your bursary application we require information relating to your personal and financial circumstances. Your signing the application form is taken as your consent for us to process your data for the purpose of assessing your bursary application. Information may be shared with a third party assessor, Bursary Administration Limited but only with your agreement.

All information is treated in the utmost confidence and is handled only by those individuals directly involved in processing the application. Original supporting documentation will be returned to you and copies retained on our files which are stored securely in the Bursary. This data will be destroyed within 12 months of your daughter leaving the School.

Reports produced by Bursary Administration Limited are the property of the School and have been confirmed by the Information Commissioner as exempt from subject access requests.

Financial support for school fees

Although the School operates a bursary fund to support parents in the payment of school fees, we are not always able to assist to the extent required or in the necessary timeframe. For those parents who are experiencing financial difficulty, might we suggest contacting the charitable organisations listed by following the link to Educational Grants.

These organisations have pre-determined criteria for making awards which are typically based on factors such as age and subject choice, so check the various websites to ascertain which might be most suitable for you.

Applications should be made as early as possible since limited funds are available. The School will be happy to support your application on request.

If you would like to discuss your situation or require further information, please contact the Bursary.

Completed bursary applications for entry in September 2020 need to be received at the Bursar's Office by the closing dates shown below. 

Year 5, 6 and 7 by Friday 22 November 2019

Year 9 by Friday 8 November 2019

Lower Sixth by Friday 18 October 2019

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