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16 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022

Alice in Wonderland

St Helen and St Katherine present a Lower School Production of Lewis Carol’s famous tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Upon a warm summers day Alice falls asleep on a riverbank and is surprised to be awoken by a talking white rabbit, who she follows down a rabbit hole. There she goes on an exciting journey through the fantastical Wonderland and meets a host of talking animals and outlandish creatures, including the legendary Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat. A kaleidoscope of dance, action and madness, this production promises to be a fun filled adventure!
17 Jun 2022

St Helen's Art Exhibition - Disrupt

25 Jul 2022 - 27 Jul 2022

Activate Camps - Ultimate Lacrosse

Whether you are new and want to enjoy your first experiences of lacrosse or have played a plenty of lacrosse before, our coaching programme is designed for everyone to benefit, enjoy and develop their game in a fun and safe learning environment.
25 Jul 2022 - 27 Jul 2022

Film Oxford present Power to Your Mobile - 3 day Film making course

Shoot a film on your mobile and edit (on PCs and iMacs) using the latest Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. A 3-day filmmaking course for 8-14 year olds taking you through the stages of film production from idea development to going global.
1 Aug 2022

The CSI experience - Ages 7-11

The Crime Lab, run by ex-Scotland Yard detectives, will deliver this hands on crime scene investigation experience for students aged 7-11. This engaging and unique activity allows them to become CSI's. The scene is set and students then get the chance to get stuck in and forensically solve the crime!
2 Aug 2022

The CSI experience - Ages 11-16

Test yourself, push boundaries and open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators. The Killing, created by senior Ex-Detectives, forensic scientists and other professionals, is the most immersive and thrilling experience there is. Be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges involving psychological and cyber-crime, giving you the opportunity to solve cases through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators.
2 Aug 2022

Contemporary Dance Workshop

In this one day workshop with Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training students aged 11-16 will explore the fundamentals of contemporary dance, and build your technical and creative skills to create a short contemporary dance piece.
3 Aug 2022

Criminal Psychology - Taking off the Mask

Students aged 16-18 will be immersed into the world of criminal psychology in this interactive workshop put together by ex-Scotland Yard detectives. They'll explore themes such as what is criminal and forensic psychology, lies, lie detecting and credibility, mental disorders and crime and offender profiling.
8 Aug 2022

Street Dance Workshop

Students aged 11-16 can join Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training for this one day workshop to get a taste of some of the latest street dance styles. Learn new skills and moves, and enhance your performance skills as you learn a street dance routine.
8 Aug 2022 - 10 Aug 2022

Activate Camps - Netball Fever

Our course has been custom designed with the help of Super League players to deliver a netball experience that will cover all aspects of netball, that is ideal for any level of player, whether you are just starting out or you are a potential England player.
9 Aug 2022 - 11 Aug 2022

Film Oxford present Animation Magic - 3 day animation workshop

Learn the basic principles of animation and go on to create your own worlds where imagination is the only limit! A 3-day stop motion workshop for 8-14 year olds. As part of a small production group you will design and make your own plasticine models and take turns in different roles to create short animated films. There will be a screening on the last afternoon for parents/carers to enjoy and your final films will be uploaded to the internet for all to share.