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Inspection Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) last inspection was in October 2013.

We are delighted that every aspect of the School is described as excellent, the highest inspection rating, and were particularly pleased that parents’ responses to the pre-inspection questionnaire were ‘overwhelming supportive’ of the quality of education provision and management of the School. 

A full copy of the report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  

The Main Findings of the Inspection Report are as follows:

The pupils' achievement is excellent

The school is highly successful in its aim to promote excellent levels of achievement and learning across all age groups both in academic work and in extracurricular activity. As a result of a stimulating and challenging curriculum, and teaching that is often outstanding, pupils attain excellent and sometimes exceptional success in public examinations and in the many creative, physical and intellectual pursuits provided to extend their strengths and talents. The levels of attainment are often beyond those expected for the pupils' ages, which indicate high levels of progress being made. Pupils with SEND receive excellent support and achieve in line with their peers. Pupils throughout the school display outstanding attitudes to learning. Their ambition and motivation is reflected in their willingness and desire to avail themselves as widely as possible of the opportunities at school. Their mutual support for each other and their close working relationship with their teachers promote a strong work ethic and an intellectually stimulating environment.



Inspection Report

The personal development of all pupils is excellent and is a reflection of the importance expressed by the school that the individual must always be at the centre of learning

During their time in school pupils develop high self-esteem and confidence which, combined with strong moral values, prepares them well for their future. The strong sense of community in school promotes excellent social and spiritual development through pupils sharing in special moments together; celebrating each other’s success, and taking on responsibility to help others. Their awareness of other cultures is well developed through their learning and through cultural visits within the country and abroad. A strong pastoral system and excellent procedures for safeguarding, welfare, health and safety provide a safe and secure environment for pupils to thrive.

The quality of governance, leadership and management is excellent

The school is fulfilling its ambitious aims through focused and committed leadership, supported by governors who share their vision. Governors with a wide range of experience provide strong oversight over their legal responsibilities and, through careful financial planning, have provided high-quality buildings and resources. Governors and senior leaders work together to ensure strategic development plans are thorough. Since the previous inspection the senior leadership and management team have made considerable progress in improving teaching and learning, enriching the curriculum and promoting the personal development of the pupils. The quality of links with parents is excellent. In their pre-inspection questionnaire responses parents were overwhelmingly supportive of the quality of educational provision and management. The school has responded effectively to the recommendations made in the previous inspection report of 2010 to improve monitoring and assessment procedures, departmental development planning and participation in sporting activities.

ISI Report 8-11 October 2013