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Junior Department

St Helen’s Junior Department is a small, dedicated department, consisting of a Year 5 class of up to sixteen and a Year 6 class of up to twenty four students. A friendly, happy and vibrant place to learn, buzzing with activity and positive energy, this is the ideal environment in which your daughter is nurtured and supported to find out what she likes to do and what she is good at. Our classrooms are nestled right in the heart of the School and provide our students with a supportive and enriching environment from which to begin their life at St Helen’s.

"From the first day I began to settle in and find my way around the school. As I go up the school I wish to make the most of all the opportunities and achieve big things!"

Our specialist, experienced and inspirational teaching and support team devotes time to get to know all of our students. This helps us to adapt learning to extend and inspire your daughter and to enable her to become an independent, confident and enthusiastic learner. In Year 5 and Year 6 your daughter will benefit from a faster pace of lessons and from being involved in a range of exciting activities, events and innovative projects both in the Junior Department and in the wider school community.

Individuality is cherished and celebrated and knowing each student’s strengths and potential allows us to recognise what delights and motivates her. We encourage the students to be themselves, to be curious, to embrace intellectual challenges in an environment where the process of learning and participating is celebrated alongside overall achievement.

We aim to foster a sense of belonging in our Junior students both as part of the Junior Department and as a member of the whole School community. Students in all year groups are organised into one of four Houses (Benedict, Duffield, Hayward and Paterson) for inter-House competitions and social activities. Named after women who have played a key role in the school’s history, the House system offers opportunities for students from different years to spend more time together, develop skills such as teamwork and leadership and foster a sense of connection throughout the School.

"I find that being with the older students makes me feel more responsible. I feel safe in the Junior Department and all the teachers know us well."

The Junior Department is an exciting and enriching learning adventure ready to begin.

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