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Middle School

Welcome to St Helen and St Katharine's Middle School.

Middle School comprises three year groups: 9, 10 and 11. On entry into Middle School, students are rearranged into four new tutor groups in which they stay for the three years. In this way we ensure continuity of pastoral care and tutors are well placed to offer support through these enjoyable but sometimes demanding years leading up to (I)GCSE. We are delighted to welcome a number of new entrants at this stage who are integrated into the newly formed groups.

A sound understanding of the personal ups and downs in a girl’s life, support, encouragement and good communication are all of fundamental importance during these three formative years and we are proud of our tutoring system that enables us to take an all-round approach to a student's progress.

In Middle School each tutor group has a lead tutor and a support tutor who, where possible, remain the same for the three years so that they can deliver high quality and consistent pastoral care.

This is a time of significant development in your daughter’s education. These important years are characterised by the breadth and diversity of subjects, activities and opportunities available. Most students study ten subjects at (I)GCSE, our philosophy is ‘quality not quantity’, and academic work is carefully balanced with a wealth of extracurricular activities. A key role of the tutor is to help students to maintain an appropriate balance between academic work and the valuable experiences outside the classroom.

The tutor team and I are always pleased to discuss your daughter’s progress and any issues with parents and students. Working together is the best way to ensure your daughter's success and happiness.

Mrs Helen Nash
Head of Middle School


Academic life

In the Middle School the emphasis continues to be on the provision of a broad and interesting curriculum, giving students access to as wide a range of subjects as possible. Our aim is to provide a balanced and enriched curriculum ensuring that there is time to develop the depth of knowledge, discussion and debate that allows students to explore ideas and concepts.

As students move into Middle School the shape of the curriculum evolves to reflect students’ individual areas of interest with choices offered in modern foreign and classical languages and creative arts subjects. All Year 9 courses are designed to provide an excellent foundation for (I)GCSE work.

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Beyond, our broad and varied extracurricular programme, plays a central role within school life. Students are offered many opportunities to explore and extend their interests, make friends across age groups and, through personal achievement, build confidence and self-belief.

We actively encourage students to give new things a go. There are clubs and societies from fencing and photography to philosophy and Mandarin as well as activities such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Young Enterprise; all of which open doors to a host of new experiences.

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Pastoral and well-being

We recognise the enormous change that our students undergo as they pass through the School. They enter as children and leave us as young women, ready to embrace and contribute to all that the world has to offer. We consider that supporting students in becoming people with a good understanding of themselves and the ability to self-manage is key. Our core values of support and kindness, nurture and celebration of success encourage students to gain a sense of perspective, value what they have and seek to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

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Trips and visits

In the first term of Year 9 the whole year group and the pastoral staff visit the hugely significant First World War battlefields and memorials in Belgium and France; it is a very valuable time for both students and staff to get to know one another as well as supporting the history curriculum.

In Years 10 and 11 a number of modern foreign language exchanges take place, to France, Germany and Spain, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in these European cultures and languages. Trips to Cornwall for art, Berlin for history, Snowdonia for geography and others also play their part in expanding interests and laying groundwork for future study.