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Houses were reintroduced at St Helen’s in April 2014 after a 40 year absence.  The four Houses, named after women who have made a significant contribution to the development of the school, are led by two Sixth Form House Captains.  These girls are appointed alongside the Prefect team in the Lent term of L6 and hold their post for a year.  The House Captains are supported by two House Leaders in each year group, and are overseen by a staff Head of House.

The Houses therefore provide girls with opportunities for leadership and vertical mixing between year groups.  House activities include competitions in a range of sports and academic disciplines; with Sports Day and the House Music competition in the Trinity term particular highlights of the year.  The House Cup is presented at Prize Giving in July to the House which has gained the most points over the course of the year: the winner is a closely guarded secret until the last possible moment!

Each House corresponds with one of the four girls sponsored by the school in Swaziland through World Vision, and their charity fundraising for St Kate’s Day in November provides another outlet for House spirit.

Above all, Houses are fun!  Sitting alongside the school’s pastoral system and extensive programme of ‘Beyond’ activities, they add a new dimension to life in school.

Sister Jean Benedict,
Headmistress 1962-1967

Jean Duffield, History Teacher
and Governor 1970-1997

Frances Hayward,
Headmistress 1968-1973

Yolande Paterson,
Headmistress 1973-1993