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How to find us

Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association comprises of a lively group of volunteer parents with daughters throughout the school aiming to enhance your experience of the school and build a strong community spirit.  As parents you are automatically a member of the Parents' Association and I hope you will join us with our activities.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create an enthusiastic, united, supportive and active community to benefit students, parents and staff. Our aims as a Parents' Association are as follows:
1.    To help create and sustain a wider, deeper sense of community and enhance communication between parents, students and staff involved with the School
2.    To provide the school with support in putting on activities
3.    To run memorable, fun fundraising events to support the school with specific projects
4.    To raise money for school charities

Getting started

It can be daunting joining a new community and so we offer a variety of opportunities and activities early in the Michaelmas term to encourage your participation and support.

Welcome Evenings

At the start of the Michaelmas Term the School organises a series of Welcome Evenings for parents in Years 5, 6, 7, 9 and L6.  These provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the school better, meet other parents in your daughter’s class and members of the Parents’ Association.  It is our first opportunity to let new parents know what the Parents' Association does, how we communicate and how you can get involved in helping us to continue to build a strong, fun community of people.  Every event, whether run by the school or the Parents Association requires willing and enthusiastic helpers to make it a success. If you’d like to come along, get involved and have some fun along the way let us know.

At Home Evenings

Early in the Michaelmas Term, Years 5, 6, 7 and 9 are invited to take part in an ‘At Home’ evening.  These evenings are sponsored by the Parents' Association and offer you the chance to get together, informally, in the home of a host parent in your daughter’s class.  We look for a volunteer parent in each class to offer to host an evening, usually a ‘bring a dish & bottle’ supper, to which all the parents in the class are invited.  These evenings are great fun, help you start to put faces to the names you’ll already be hearing from your daughters and there’ll be some friendly faces the first time you turn up at school in support of whatever activity your daughter may be engaged in. They really do help to create a fun and friendly spirit in each class. Please do volunteer to host one of these evenings by getting in touch with us and we will support you with running the event and also give the host £50 for incidental costs.

School events

There are a number of big events during the school calendar which the Parents' Association is involved in. These include Open Day, Christmas Fair, Carol Concerts, Quiz Nights, Sixth Form Leavers Ball and the Parents' Ball. As you’d expect we help organise or provide refreshments at all of these occasions.  For a fun evening, and an insight into one of your daughter’s Rites of Passage, helping run the bar at The Sixth Form Leavers' Ball is fabulous value.
One of our key fund-raisers of the year is the superb Christmas Fair.  It attracts great quality stall holders of many varieties and also includes an opportunity for the girls themselves to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills by running stalls of their own, as well as show casing the school’s Young Enterprise Teams. There are many, simple and easy ways to help make this event a resounding, festive success and is a great way to make new friends.

Parent education

As we all know, growing up can be a tricky business - especially for us parents! During the year we aim to run professional free talks on different parenting issues such as: Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet; Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, Eating Disorders and Teenage Brain Patterns.  These have proved particularly popular with and enlightening for parents.  If you have an area of expertise that you would like to share with the parent community we would love to hear from you!


The Parents' Association annually raises over £10,000. This is through the annual subscription, the 200 Club, the Christmas Fair, the Parents Ball, Quiz Nights and other events we organise.

The Parents' Association has supported a number of school projects as well as raising money for the School's chosen charity.


Of course, none of this would happen without the involvement of parents who are willing to help create a fun and engaging wider school community. So if you’d like to help in any way or would like any further information about the Parents Association, please contact me via email.

Sharon Cooper
Chair, Parents' Association