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Admissions: 01235 530593

Executive Assistant to the Headmistress: 01235 546502

Bursary: 01235 520657

Joint Bus Service: 01235 546565

St Helen and St Katharine, Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BE

How to find us

Staff list 2019-20


Headmistress: Mrs R Dougall, MA London, BA Bristol
Deputy Headmistress: Mrs B Stubley, MA Greenwich, BA Kent
Bursar: Mr D Eley, BSc London
Assistant Head, Director of Students: Mrs E Bedford, MA Oxford Brookes, BA Durham
Assistant Head, Director of Staff & IT: Mr J Hunt, MA St Andrews
Director of Communications and Marketing: Ms L Askgaard, MA Southern Denmark
Head of Sixth Form: Miss H Doherty, MA Warwick, BSc London

Senior Management Team

Director of Studies: Mr C Morris, MA Oxon
Head of Middle School: Mrs H Nash, BA Southampton
Head of Lower School: Mrs K Taylor, BA Wales
Head of Junior Department (Year 5 & 6): Mrs N Bass, BSc Nottingham


Reverend E Birch, MA Oxon, BA Middlesex

Art and Ceramics

Miss S Hughes, MEd Oxford Brookes, BA London
Mr W Cotterill, BA Central Saint Martins
Mr B Drew, BA London
Mrs S Drew, MA Cardiff, BA London
Mrs C Langston, BA Middlesex
Ms J McDonald, MA Royal College of Art, BA Exeter College

Careers and Professional Guidance

Mrs E Trump, BSc Portsmouth, CIM PgDip


Miss D Spain, MA Oxon
Mrs H Packford, BA Cantab
Mrs J Twaits, MA Cantab

Computer Science

Mrs L Stringer, BSc East Anglia, PG Diploma
Mrs R Green, MA Oxon
Mrs A Malenki, BSc Portsmouth
Dr R Strong, PhD Cantab, MPhys Bath
Dr A Taylor, DPhil Oxon, MA London

Design and Technology

Mr C Webb, B.Ed Bristol
Mrs C Langston, BA Middlesex


Miss K Grandi, MA London, BA Bristol
Miss C Baldock, BA Bishop Grosseteste
Miss E Jewitt, BA London
Mrs L Sharman, BA Wales
Mr A Verjee, MA Oxford Brookes, BA East Anglia

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Mrs G Wilson, BEd Lancaster


Mr J Muir, MLitt, MA St Andrews
Ms R Chapman, MSc, BA London
Miss H Doherty, MA Warwick, BSc London
Mrs E Haines, BA Oxon
Mrs S Hughes-Morgan, BA Exeter
Mrs C Nash, MA Oxon
Mrs H Nash, BA Southampton

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

Dr R Strong, PhD Cantab, MPhys Bath
Mrs H Benfold, BA Oxon
Dr A Hull, PhD, BA Nottingham
Mrs F Shannon, DPhil Oxon, MA St Andrews
Miss D Smith, BA Durham
Mrs A Tate, BA Leeds

Examinations Officer

Mr S Odell, MA Edinburgh

Food and Nutrition

Mrs B Alpers, ANutr, MSc Oxford Brookes, BCApSc New Zealand


Mrs H Finch Noyes, MEd, MA Cantab
Mrs R Barton, BSc Leeds
Mrs E Bedford, MA Oxford Brookes, BA Durham
Ms L Snowdon, BA London
Mrs A Tate, BA Leeds


Miss D Smith, BA Durham
Mrs H Benfold, BA Oxon
Dr L Gribble, DPhil Oxon, MA Münster
Mr J Hunt, MA St Andrews
Mrs S Scott-Malden, BA London
Mr J Smart, BA Exeter
Miss R Welsford, MLitt St Andrews, BA Oxon

Junior Department

Mrs N Bass, BSc Nottingham
Mrs R Green, MA Oxon
Mrs D Garas, MA Cantab
Mrs L Lindsay, BSc Bristol
Ms T Nixon, MA London, BA Birmingham

Learning Support

Mrs D Cobbing, BA Birmingham, APC SpLD (PATOSS)
Mrs S Howes, BEd Oxon, DipEd Oxon, NASENCo Award Oxford Brookes


Mrs D Pocock-Bell, BA Wales, MA London
Miss M Chriti, BA Greece
Mrs K Gray, BSc Manchester


Mrs C Foster, MSc, BA Exeter
Mrs S Allwright, BA Cantab
Mrs A Everett, BSc London
Mrs H Hanratty, MA Oxon
Dr A Hull, PhD, BA Nottingham
Mrs R Hutton, BSc Durham
Mrs R Marshall, BSc Oxford Brookes
Mr C Morris, MA Oxon
Mrs C Shannon, BSc Strathclyde
Mrs S Sharp, MA Cantab
Miss S Stephenson, BSc Southampton
Dr R Strong, PhD Cantab, MPhys Bath


Medical and School Counsellors

Mrs E Smith, DPS Plymouth
Mrs A Crosbie, DipHE Luton

Mrs J Bulman, UKCP, MSt Oxon
Mr J Collins, MSt Oxon, MA Sussex, BA OU, BEd Exeter

Modern Languages

Mrs L Probert, BA Bath
Mrs K Clark, MA Edinburgh
Mrs Y Anderson, MEd Bristol, BA National Chiayi University
Mrs F Burrows, MA Universite de Tolouse Le Mirail
Mrs M Diaz-Smith, BA Rafael Urdaneta
Mrs C Fisher, BA Milan
Mr C Gonzalez-Valdes, MA Universidad de Chile
Mrs I Hichens, BA, Paris La Sorbonne
Mrs L Littlejohn, MA Cantab
Mrs K Norman, BA Lancaster
Mrs F Shannon, DPhil Oxon, MA St Andrews
Mrs K Taylor, BA Wales


Director of Music: Miss H Rakowski, BA, MA Oxon
Assistant Director of Music: Miss H Coad, MSc Edinburgh
Head of Keyboard: Mrs E Dickens, Dip RCM, CTABRSM
Head of Wind and Brass: Mr P Foster, LTCL
Head of Singing: Miss P Grant, BA, MA Oxon
Head of Strings: Mrs M Walton, BA York, PGDip, LGSM
Rev'd Dr E Pitkethly, MLitt Oxon, BPhil Warwick

Visiting Music Teachers and/or Ensemble Teachers:
Mr C Ayres, BMus London - Electric Guitar
Miss J Broome, MA Cantab - Harp
Mr R Burley, ALCM, LLCM – Guitar
Mr M Cooke, PPRNCM, GRNCM – Brass
Mrs J Dallosso, MA Cantab, LGSM - Cello
Mr S Fawbert - Percussion
Ms E Hodson BA, DPhil Oxon, PGDip - Violin and Viola
Mrs L Howarth, MA Cantab, MMus, MMP - Singing
Dr R Manasse, BSc London, DPhil Cantab - Flute
Mr D McNaughton, BA Oxon - Brass
Mrs S Mears, MA Oxon, LRAM, PGCE, Dip HSW (O.U.) - Piano
Mr S Mitchell, BMus, MPhil, Queensland - Piano
Miss J Rhind-Tutt, BA Oxford Brookes, CTABRSM - Oboe
Miss C Scott, MA Oxon, MMus Perf, PPRNCM - Clarinet
Miss J Thomas, BMus Birmingham - Singing
Mr R Thorne, BMus, A. Mus. A. - Flute
Ms R Van Der Berg, MMus Perf, BMus- Singing
Mr G Williams, LRAM, ARCM, FTCL, FLCM, MSTAT - Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone
Mr J Wood, MSc London, LRSM, Dip ABRSM - Singing
Mr C Xuereb, LRSM, PGDip - Double Bass and Bass Guitar

Personal Development

Dr C Holyoak, BSc Manchester, DPhil Manchester Metropolitan

Physical Education

Miss C Barras, BSc Loughborough
Miss S Appleby, BSc Exeter
Mrs E Darcy, MSc, BSc London
Mrs S Keogh, BSc Birmingham
Mrs E Sillence, BSc Northumbria
Mrs L Trumper, BEd Liverpool
Mrs M Uezzell, BA Winchester
Mr J Wall, BSc Gloucestershire
Miss C Walters, BA Leeds

Politics and Pre-U

Dr L Gribble, DPhil Oxon, MA Münster
Mrs R Barton, BSc Leeds
Mrs H Benfold, BA Oxon
Mrs S Scott-Malden, BA London
Mr J Smart, BA Exeter

Mr A Hepworth (Head of Economics at Abingdon School)


Mrs K Collett, BSc Worcester
Ms P Torbrand, MSc London

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Ms K Meuleman, PG Worcester, BEd Eeklo (Belgium), BA OU
Mr T Bownass, BA Bristol
Mrs S Scott, MA Westminster College, Cert Ed Culham College


Mr A Jolly, BSc Nottingham
Miss A Bourne, MSc Bristol
Mrs J Freeman, BA Oxon
Mrs S Norridge, BSc Plymouth
Mrs R James, BSc Bristol, MSc Oxon
Mrs J Kelly, MA Cantab

Dr G Smith, MChem St Andrews, PhD Cantab
Dr C Holyoak, BSc Manchester, DPhil Manchester Metropolitan
Mrs T Lewis, BSc Reading
Mrs C Lomax, MChem Oxon
Dr J Saba, BSc Aberdeen, DPhil Leeds

Mrs J Edwards, BSc Nottingham
Mrs K Brudenell, MEng Durham
Dr Z Chater, MPhys, PhD Birmingham
Mrs D Jackson, MSc OU, BSc Keele